Letter to the Editor - WOW!

Owning a local business and having to make decisions on appropriate and effective ways of advertising can be tough.

I wanted tell you that the response has been tremendous since I started advertising consistently in your paper.  Every time I place an ad in The Trussville News, I can expect to see new customers. These customers usually come in to my business the first week the ad hits the street. Within the past year, 95% of new customers have been coming in to class due to seeing my ad in The Trussville News.

Thanks for allowing a great avenue to advertise my business. Support your local paper!

I recommend The Trussville News to anyone wanting to obtain new customers and advertise with a great professional paper. The staff has always been very helpful. Thanks for helping my business prosper.

Keep up the great work!
Beth Stewart, Owner/Instructor
Trussville Jazzercise


Letter to the Editor


Thank you for doing the research for me!! I am still quite computer challenged!

We just received our latest edition of your paper in the mail, and we so enjoy reading it. Thank you very much for working me through the online PayPal page on your site so we could get another year’s subscription! That was more than kind of you.

Glad to know it will renew itself, year after year through our PayPal account.

Continued success to you. You have a great paper and we are glad to be subscribers!

Kind Regards,
Birmingham resident


Letter to the Editor - Hey Susan!

It was very nice to talk with you about expanding our ad with ‘The Trussville News” next month! It made me think about the dream that began two years ago and it is now a reality with the help of your great paper! If you don’t mind I would like take a moment to share this excitement with you.

I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life in an office handling papers and answering phones when my pets were at home alone. I love my ‘Little Angels’ and always thought of them waiting for me to get off work each evening. I also love to travel and sometimes you cannot carry your pets along with you. My husband loves animals as much, if not more than I do, and we both cringed at the thought of boarding our animals while we were away. He also has indoor and outdoor fish that he treasures and they have daily special needs that make it difficult when we are away for a few days or more at a time.

I had a special friend, who also loved to travel, so we would always take care of each other’s pets & homes while we were away on vacation.  It was nice to know that someone was coming in and out of the home, taking in the newspaper and mail, watering the plants, and playing with my two dogs every day that I was gone. I even enjoyed seeing her pets get so excited, to see me each morning and each evening to give them special attention, and I actually looked forward to the visit! I then began to visualize ‘Little Angels Pet Sitting’.

Since we both love to travel & adore our pets, we could now fully enjoy both of these things at the same time! We began to care for each other’s pets while we were away on vacation. While we were away we not only had serenity knowing that our pets were receiving ‘Love and Care when we were not there’ … but we also had the peace of mind that someone was watching over our homes. It was so much better to have a friend exercising our pets daily than thinking of the ‘Little Angels’ receiving care in a cage away from home. We always knew that they were happy in their own home, which made traveling easier and more enjoyable!

Only having a dream, a prayer, and a desire to start my own business I realized that I would need to share this with others who love their pets as much as I do. I started with trying to afford a tiny ad in the Birmingham News … but that would only get me calls from far away or sometimes I would wonder if it was noticed at all in the large paper. I love the city that we live in so I wanted to keep my business focused in Trussville. I always looked forward to getting ‘The Trussville News’ each month and I finally realized that this would be the best way to advertise!

A nice lady, Shari, who worked there 2 years ago, took time to help me visualize this, get the ‘Little Angels Pet Sitting’ image out monthly, and get me started with advertising with an ongoing ad in ‘The Trussville News!’ and I can never tell her how much I appreciate this! I didn’t have a lot of money for advertising but we created a logo, highlighted it with my slogan, and put it in your paper. I have customers that found me from their vet or referrals but about 80% of my customers have found me because of my ad in your paper!

The business has grown faster than I ever dreamed that it would, we have created a solid customer base, and I am now offering more special services like daily dog walking! I was excited to get a chance to share this with you and allow our monthly ad to grow as my business continues to develop! I look forward to continuing to do so because I know that the quality of your paper, the faith the Trussville residents have in your advertisers, and the way you continue to improve over the years will help my ‘original’ Trussville pet sitting business continue to develop and prosper.

I wanted to especially take this opportunity to thank “The Trussville News” for helping to make a positive difference in my life by promoting a job that I love greatly and also helping me make a livelihood from it!

Melissa Tesney
Little Angels Pet Sitting


October 03, 2023

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